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NW7715 [Module]

Work-based Learning – Employer Commissioned (Bespoke)

Academic Level:


15 Credits

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This module provides a framework for accrediting in-house health and social care related courses (including Kingston University’s Introduction to Learning and Teaching Course) and similar workplace education provided to staff in the work setting by their employer. Examples include staff development programmes tailored to specific areas of healthcare, cognate groups of study days or in-house courses which prepare qualified healthcare professionals to work in specialist clinical services and which may include assessment of clinical competence. The module offers a flexible approach through which learning is negotiated and the format of assessment agreed between the academic lead and the employer, and formally recorded to give specific detail to the generic module learning outcomes and module content. The module may also be used to accredit employer bespoke requests for workplace education fully delivered by academic staff. 



  • To enable health and social care related employers gain accreditation of their in-house education and staff development programmes.
  • To enable health and social care related employees gain academic credit for the learning undertaken in the workplace.


What and how you will learn on this module


How you will learn:

The learning approach will be determined by the subject of the work -based learning and employer negotiated objectives. It will be supported by Canvas, the University’s virtual learning environment and may include and online activities. A complementary range of activities will be employed to engage you in the critical exploration of key topic areas, and the completion of formative tasks during the module also helps to keep you on track with the learning and gain feedback on your understanding of the content. A sense of community is developed and maintained with frequent opportunities for peer learning, enabling you to share your practice experiences and to learn from each other. Level 6 and level 7 students taking this module may be taught together.

Academic writing and critical thinking skills are developed academic practice activities embedded within the module, that have been designed to nurture the skills needed to facilitate you to become a thoughtful, objective and reasoned thinker. This will help you tackle the assignment(s) confidently, understand marking criteria, use evidence, take a reasoned approach, make structured arguments and engage with other points of view. 


What you will learn:

Core knowledge

The content of the module will be determined by the subject of the work -based learning and employer negotiated objectives. Areas covered may include:

  • Development of specialist clinical/subject knowledge; 
  • Identification and application of relevant and contemporary evidence-based practice to own practice development;
  • Access independently the resources required for learning (e.g. time, materials, equipment and support from colleagues, manager and university);
  • Skills delivery related to the assessment strategy;
  • Reflection and on, and self-appraisal of own personal and professional development.

Academic practice

  • Database searching
  • Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Academic writing and critical appraisal skills.


Breakdown of Learning and Teaching Hours

Indicative breakdown: The specific breakdown will be determined by the subject of the work -based learning and employer negotiated objectives. 


Definitive Categories

Breakdown of activities



Scheduled learning and teaching

Lectures and discussions

Workshops; simulated learning; practical task



Guided independent study (self-managed time)


Refer to the ‘Succeed in your module’ page on Canvas



Clinical Practice

Workplace practical learning

Reflection in, and on, own practice; review and feedback by manager/colleagues; shadowing







Choice of Assignments 

A choice of three assessment formats will be offered. The assessment(s) will be negotiated with the employer to align with the nature of the work -based learning, employer negotiated objectives and, where relevant, achievement of clinical competency. The agreed assessment tasks will be specified on Canvas in time for the start of the module. Links to the module learning outcomes will be made explicit to students in this information.

Assessment method and load


Additional Information


Assessment category: (Exam / Practical / Coursework)

Weighting %

Indicative Formative methods

Learning Outcomes


Option 1:


3000 words

Negotiated with commissioning organisation



Draft plan


(additional LO4 not assessed)

Option 2:


3000 words





Negotiated with commissioning organisation






Draft plan




(OSCE assesses additional LO4)




Formative OSCE with feedback/ feedforward

Option 3:


3000 words



Competency Assessment Document.

Negotiated with commissioning organisation







Draft plan


(CAD assesses additional LO4)




Formative competency assessment with feedback/ feedforward




Learning outcomes

Synthesise prior and contemporary knowledge to critically appraise and evaluate issues relevant to the agreed work-based learning.

Apply advanced critical reasoning and decision-making skills safely and effectively within the identified area of work-based learning, incorporating ethical/professional dimensions, as appropriate.

Exhibit expert reflexivity on own performance and collaborative contribution to service delivery and professional development needs.

Additional negotiated learning outcome: Demonstrated competence in using/applying selected specialist/advanced clinical skills within the relevant health or social care service setting.

Course Information


Course Leader



Course delivery

Kingston WFD Admissions Team


Course pre-requisites

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