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Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education


HC7001 [Module]

Healthcare Management and Evaluation

Academic Level:


30 Credits

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Intake Dates

Start Date 

24 Jan 2024 (Intake Closed)

Apply by: 05 Jan 2024



24 Jan 2024 (On Campus) | 07 Feb 2024 (On Campus) | 21 Feb 2024 (On Campus) | 06 Mar 2024 (On Campus) | 20 Mar 2024 (On Campus)

Course details

This core module examines the theoretical, social, political and economic factors influencing the management, planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare in the UK and other countries. International perspectives and models of health and care transcend the whole of the programme. The most recent health policies and initiatives which influence quality service provision (reflecting the key principles of the UK health and care systems) will be explored. 

The module is aimed at multidisciplinary health professionals involved in the management, service development and evaluation of health and care. Students will be facilitated in applying theoretical perspectives within their sphere of practice, enabling them to achieve evidence based management of services at any level of the organisation. A blend of different learning and teaching approaches will be employed. Students are encouraged to make connections with appropriate personnel in their organisation to further their understanding of theoretical and policy constructs covered within the module. 



1. To provide students with in depth knowledge and critical understanding of the most recent policy initiatives that shape current and future services.

2. To explore how management theories can promote harmonious and effective multi-professional working (including service users/carers). To facilitate the development of analytical and evaluative skills  appropriate to the progression of students’ current and future roles,

3. To develop creative thinking leading to transformation of individuals and organisations.



• Comparative Public Health and Health Care Systems in the UK and Europe 

• Epidemiological  perspectives of health in the global and local context 

• Overview of priorities in healthcare provision from global, national and local perspectives 

• Contemporary challenges for the UK health system

• Health economics, demands for health and social care vs. costs: needs for cost-containment and prioritisation. 

• Service user involvement and measurement of health outcomes

• Roles and functions of the manager in health and social care

• Mission, vision and values in service planning

• Introduction to business ethics in the health and social care context.

• Role of power and politics in service planning and delivery (resource allocation) in health and social care

• Analysis of current frameworks within health and social care

• Roles and functions of the manager in health and social care

• National Institute of Clinical Excellence/Social Care Institute of Excellence

• Managing learning and development (including inter-professional working) in teams and the organisation

• Organisational management and structure in health and social care

• Roles and functions of the manager in health and social care

• The role of supervision in health and social care



This module is delivered through a variety of lectures, seminars and eLearning activities. A flexible and student centred approach is adopted to engage students in their learning and development relevant to their current and future roles. 

Students will be directed to key readings in quality professional journals in order to help them focus on research evidence pertinent to their scope of practice and/or management of services in their current roles and beyond.

Students will be given the opportunity to lead a seminar based on directed readings, as a formative assessment activity




1000 words Briefing Paper/report and a 3000 words Written essay 


Course Induction on 10th January 2024 on campus

Learning outcomes

Analyse and evaluate the impact of social, economic, political and technological factors that influence current and future health and care provision

Discuss critically the concepts and perceptions of public health, health status and quality of life

Analyse critically current methods of evaluation of health and care outcomes relative to the needs of the local population in line with local and national policies

Review and evaluate current UK and international health and care policy to identify key commonalities to effective care delivery

Appraise the contribution of management theories for effective multidisciplinary team working in diverse environments

Evaluate and critically reflect on your managerial performance in meeting the challenges of service delivery

Course Information


Course Leader



Course delivery

Kingston WFD Admissions Team

Jane Dundas


Course pre-requisites



Self-funding students will need to make a one-off payment for the module via our secure payment portal before the online enrolment process.


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