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Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education


HC7002 [Module]

Leadership and Change Management

Academic Level:


30 Credits

This module can contribute to the following programmes

Intake Dates

Start Date 

17 Apr 2024 (Intake Closed)

Apply by: 20 Mar 2024



17 Apr 2024 (On Campus) | 01 May 2024 (On Campus) | 15 May 2024 (On Campus) | 29 May 2024 (On Campus) | 12 Jun 2024 (On Campus)

Course details

This core module is aimed at professionals involved in leading others, teams or organisations or involved in identifying and leading change in practice aimed at service improvement. Students will be encouraged to network with key influencers and opinion leaders within the organisation to help them gain practical insights into leadership and change. 

The module takes a client-centred and service-based approach to improvements in the patient/client experience. A number of leadership theories/approaches are explored and evaluated; a blend of learning approaches is employed to promote and enhance the student's learning experience. 

This module can also be studied as a free-standing module, or as part of the MSc in Clinical Leadership by Learning Agreement or as part of any other MSc Programme run within the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences



• To equip students with the conceptual knowledge of leadership and change management as applied to practice.

• To extend students' understanding and knowledge of change management theories and their application to managing change.

• To enhance students’ ability to analyse the key factors for successful implementation of change. 

• To advance potential leadership attributes through a variety of learning activities.


This module is delivered through a variety of lectures, seminars and e-Learning activities. An adult-learning model approach is adopted to engage students in their learning and development relevant to their current and future leadership roles. 

Students will be directed to key readings, key texts and quality professional journals in order to help them focus on research evidence pertinent to their role in leading change in practice.

Students will be given the opportunity to lead a seminar based on current literature, personal experience of change or leadership as a formative assessment activity. 



30 minutes Formal presentation (26th June 2024) and 2000 words Written essay (6th August 2014)

Learning outcomes

Discuss critically theories of leadership including sociological and psychological perspectives

Analyse and appraise the dynamics and competencies of leading change at any level in the organisation

Evaluate critically strategies to identify service components which can potentially benefit from change/innovation, considering the role of organisational culture

Develop in depth knowledge and understand models of change which can facilitate the planning and successful implementation of change e.g. Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle, taking into account the diversity of the workforce, social and economic factors

Evaluate the process of change, and appraise their own performance in leading change and make recommendations for [self] developing higher leadership or managerial skills

Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and skills of synthesis relevant to cost benefit analysis of the organisation, service or practice development in relation to the proposed or implemented change

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Course delivery

Kingston WFD Admissions Team


Course pre-requisites



Self-funding students will need to make a one-off payment for the module via our secure payment portal before the online enrolment process.


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